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The pages Register and Gallery are updated regularly throughout the tournaments.

World Championships in Renju and Gomoku are held every second year since 1989. Previously the World Championship has taken place in the following countries: 1989 – Japan, 1991 – USSR, 1993 – Sweden, 1995 – Estonia, 1997 – Russia, 1999 – China, 2001 – Japan, 2003 – Sweden, 2005 – Estonia, 2007 – Russia, 2009 – Czech Republic, 2011 – Sweden. This time the biggest renju and gomoku event will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. The purpose of World Championship is to determine the strongest renju player and the strongest gomoku player in the World, who will get the title of World Champion. The World Championship consists of following events:

  • Renju A-Tournament - The Final Tournament of the World Championship (12 best players of the World)
  • Gomoku A-Tournament - The Final Tournament of the World Championship (12 best players of the World)
  • W-Tournament - The Women Renju World Championship (max 5 women from each country)
  • Renju B-Tournament - Open International Tournament (anyone can participate)
  • Gomoku B-Tournament - Open International Tournament (anyone can participate)
  • Renju Q-Tournament - Qualification Tournament (with limited seats)
  • Gomoku Q-Tournament - Open International Tournament (anyone can participate)
  • Renju and Gomoku Blitz Tournament - Short timelimit games tournament (anyone can participate)
  • Beginners’ Gomoku Tournament - Short timelimit games tournament (anyone can participate)

Everybody is welcome to travel to Tallinn to join any of the above listed tournaments (the tournaments with limitations, such as AT, WT and QT require permission). If you decide to travel to the World Championship to Tallinn, please contact us.

Welcome to Tallinn! Don’t miss the biggest Renju and Gomoku event in the World!


What are Renju and Gomoku?
Renju and gomoku are abstract strategy board games from Japan. They are traditionally played with black and white stones on a 15×15 size board and the main goal is to get 5 stones in a row.

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